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Internet Security Services:

Aniscartujo Secure Encrypted Web Proxy
Are you looking for anonymity? Your ISP/School/Work blocked you the access to your favorite sites?
Access every site that you want trough a 100% encrypted connection. Bypass the censorship!
The only proxy that allows you to watch videos at MySpace, YouTube. And use the MSN Messenger!

Aniscartujo VPN Service
Tired of using proxies that only work trough your web browser and does not support all your favorite sites?
Well Aniscartujo VPN is the perfect solution; it creates a encrypted tunnel (OpenVPN/PPTP) for your internet
connection, so all your internet traffic is encrypted and it works with any application (Web / Email /
P2P / IM / Etc...) not just with your browser.

Developing Services:

Custom Programming
Do you need a custom made software, a web based application, a web service, an application for mobile devices
(iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile), or anything else?
With more than 10 years on the programming business, our highly trained personal will take care of your needs


IP Checker
Find out if your proxy is really anonymous, discover from which country are you, which browser are you using,
and also check all your environment variables.

File2HD - Download Any File From Any Site
Cant find out the direct URL to download some file? Well just input the URL of the page where the file is
located and this tool will do the rest and find out all the files that are on that page and also allow
you to download them, for example you can download FLV files from video sites (Youtube, Metacafe, Google, Etc)
or MP3 files from music sites (Myspace, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Etc).




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