Aniscartujo Secure Encrypted Web Proxy Server


After paying, you will automatically receive a code valid for a certain number of days.

Your code will be valid in 7 proxy sites.
You will get all the proxy URLs in your email after you make the payment


Credit Card Payments

Payments are securely processed by PayPal

Daily Access to Aniscartujo WebProxy
1 Day - 1.50 Euros
Code will be valid for 24 hours since the payment

Monthly Subscription to Aniscartujo WebProxy
1 Month - 15 Euros
Code will be valid until you cancel the subscription


No credit card?

Pay with your cellular phone

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By purchasing the access code you agree that you understand this:


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Your school cant block us!

Your access code will be valid for:
- 5 Standard Web Proxies
- 1 SSL Proxy
- 1 Private SSL Web Proxy *

* Password Protected, masked on a non proxy web site (only for 1 month subscribers)