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Internet Guides
This site provides useful HIPAA links to federal government sites, state Medicaid sites, journals, publications, implementation guides, associations and organizations, listserves, state government sites, accreditation and standards.
A checklist from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to help you get started
An in-depth comprehensive site dedicated to HIPAA.
The HIPAA Privacy Rule and Research
This site discusses the Privacy Rule "while providing ways in which researchers can access and use PHI when necessary to conduct research."
Internet Sites
AMIA Resource Center: Public Policy & Legislation
"Health care is at the center of a multitude of public policy initiatives, debates, and decisions. From within that enormous context, this Web page provides news and links to resources regarding developments that most specifically impact on the collection, protection, use, and transmission of information in the health care environment."
Glossary of Insurance Terms
Guidance on Compliance with HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets after the October 16, 2003, Implementation Deadline
HIPAA Administrative Simplification Compliance Deadlines
"The definitive source for up-to-date information regarding HIPAA security & privacy compliance."
Information for covered entities and researchers on authorizations for research uses or disclosures of protected health information
This site discussed "an individual's signed permission to allow a covered entity to use or disclose the individual's protected health information that is described in the Authorization."
Institutional Review Boards and the HIPAA Privacy Rule
This site discusses "approvals of research-related requests for Authorization waivers or alterations and how those requirements relate to the functioning of an IRB."
Myths and Facts about the HIPAA Privacy Rule
"Some common myths regarding the Rule and the facts about what the law actually says."
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Organizations, Associations, and Agencies
American Hospital Association
American Medical Association - HIPAA
Provides links to current HIPAA resources for physicians
Office for Civil Rights - HIPAA Medical Privacy - National Standards to Protect the Privacy of Personal Health Information
Contains comprehensive HIPAA information. Information categories include information for consumers, general background information, HIPAA regulations & standards, compliance & enforcement, educational materials and links to additional authoritative HIPAA related links.
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
This site provides extensive HIPAA information and links to other HIPAA related resources.
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Consumer Health Information
Health Topics: Health Insurance
Offers links to quality filtered, easy to understand, HIPAA information.
HIPAA Online
HIPAA: Your rights to health insurance portability
UPMC Health Plan: Private & Confidential
Presents the UPMC Health Plan Privacy Statement and links to UPMC HIPAA Privacy Forms.
UPMC's Notice of Privacy Practices
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