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    Information to assist the general public in making appropriate health care decisions. These decisions include purchasing of goods and services that directly influence an individual's health or how an individual maintians their health. Topics include disease and treatment information, paying for health care and selecting medical care.

Internet Guides
Consumer Health Information
The Doctors' Page
Alcohol & Drug Information
High quality resources from the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information, and links to other web sites
Consumer Health
Consumer World®
comprehensive site for internet related links, updates from the Better Business Bureau and the National Fraud Center, state and federal agencies and links to customer service departments of selected companies
"gateway consumer health information web site from the United States government, selected online publications, databases, web sites, and support and self-help groups, as well as the government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that produce reliable health information for the public"
National Library of Medicine (NLM): "directs you to information to help answer specific health questions... brings together, by health topic, authoritative information from NLM, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), other government, non-profit and other health-related organizations. Preformulated MEDLINE searches are included in MEDLINEplus and give easy access to the medical research literature"
U.S. Consumer Gateway Health
from -- a "one-stop" link to a broad range of federal information resources available online including health, food and product safety
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Internet Sites linking patients to medical research
"provides patients, family members, health care professionals, and members of the public easy access to information on clinical trials for a wide range of diseases and conditions. The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), through its National Library of Medicine (NLM), has developed this site in close and ongoing collaboration with all NIH Institutes and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This site currently contains over 4,000 clinical studies sponsored primarily by the National Institutes of Health. Additional studies from other Federal agencies and the pharmaceutical industry will be included."
Consumer Resources
NeHLP: National Health Law Program, Justice in Health Care for Low Income People
Federal Consumer Information Center
Pueblo, Colorado, United States General Services Administration: includes health and food
For Patients: Health Topics A to Z
adult and pediatric health topics
Go Ask Alice!
interactive question and answer line from the Healthwise Office, Health Education Division, Columbia University Health Services
collection of resources of value to those who are experiencing loss and grief includes physical loss, chronic illness, and bereavement
Health Hotlines
a compilation of organizations with toll-free telephone numbers, from DIRLINE, the National Library of Medicine's Directory of Information Resources Online
Health Index
collection of articles on various topics from USA TODAY
Health Information
" links to over 1,400 Ohio State University Medical Center Patient Education materials. The materials have been produced by the faculty and staff of the Medical Center for a variety of inpatient and outpatient purposes"
Health Information Handouts Used at UCSF Homeless Clinic
includes low-literacy handouts for "people who come into contact with the homeless (for example, people who work at other homeless clinics or people who work in shelters, soup kitchens, single room occupancy hotels, etc.) will download these handouts, print them out, photocopy them, and distribute them to the homeless people they work with"
Healthtouch® Online for better health
drug, pharmacy and health information
authoritative information from Johns Hopkins University and Health System, Aetna U.S. Healthcare™, and et al.
: "access to the experience and knowledge of the more than 2,000 physicians and scientists of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota."
Med Help International
a non-profit organization: medical information, for patients and their families, encompassing most illnesses and diseases
NCQA's Health Plan Report Card
National Committee for Quality Assurance: "an interactive tool designed to help you find the health plan that's right for you. NCQA is a private nonprofit organization committed to improving the quality of our nation's health care. NCQA sets standards for the quality of care and service that health plans provide to their members. Health plans that meet our standards receive NCQA Accreditation, which is nationally recognized as a seal of approval. "
NOAH: New York Online Access to Health Information
City University of New York (CUNY): bilingual (Spanish/English) guide to health information and resources from volunteer and local governmental agencies and from other health sites on the Internet
Non-English Language Sites
mainly in Spanish from Patient Education Resources for Clinicians, Oregon Health Sciences University
Patient Education & Consumer Health Resources
University of Rochester, E.G. Miner Library
RxAssist: Accessing Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Programs
provides health care providers with information on accessing pharmaceutical manufacturers' patient assistance programs by company name, drug name [brand and generic] and drug therapy class with online application forms
"allows people with health, personal, and relationship issues to come together and share their experiences through IRC chat and Bulletin Boards. It also has a wealth of links to support-related information on the Internet." Comprehensive index arranged by disease or category
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Organizations, Associations, and Agencies
Council of Better Business Bureaus
Doctors for Adults
: " provides information about doctors of internal medicine and common health issues that they diagnose and treat. This site is sponsored by the American College of Physicians - American Society of Internal Medicine (ACP-ASIM); the nation's largest medical specialty organization and second-largest physician group representing more than 115,000 internists. "
Drug Information
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, United Staes Food and Drug Administration: new drugs and prescription drug information as well as drug safety, warnings and adverse effects
Easy to Read Publications
United States Food and Drug Administration
Family Doctor
American Academy of Family Physicians: health information sheets, family health facts, and self-care flow charts
Health Information
National Institutes of Health
Health on the Net Foundation
non-profit organisation, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The Foundation is dedicated to realising the benefits of the Internet and related technologies in the fields of medicine and healthcare
Medical Library Association , The Consumer and Patient Health Information Section
National Charities Information Bureau
"promotes informed giving and charitable integrity, to enable more contributors to make sound giving decisions and to to encourage giving to charities that need and merit support", contains tips for giving and reports on specific charitable organizations
National Health Information Center (NHIC)
a health information referral service, NHIC puts health professionals and consumers who have health questions in touch with those organizations that are best able to provide answers. NHIC was established in 1979 by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and Health Planning and Evaluation (ODPHP/HPE), Public Health Service (PHS), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
National Institute for Consumer Education
clearinghouse for consumer, economic and personal finance education
National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)
rare disease database and access to a variety of services including orphan drug, medication assistance programs and other programs
Well Spouse Foundation
an association of spousal caregivers
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CHID Online
The Combined Health Information Database: "produced by health-related agencies of the Federal Government, this database provides titles, abstracts, and availability information for health information and health education resources"
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Dictionaries, Directories, and Encyclopedias
Self-Help Sourcebook Online
America Self-Help Clearinghouse, Mental Health Net: support groups and networks
State, County and City Government Consumer Protection Offices
addresses, phone numbers and links from the Federal Consumer Information Center
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Electronic Newsletters and Journals
Health & Fitness
Consumer's Reports Online
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